Ready to grow and scale your food blog into a full-time business

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Hi, I'm Sam! Food Blogger, Entrepreneur, and Teacher of Food Blogger Business School 

I am a former lawyer turned full-time food blogger and entrepreneur of the popular food blog, Ahead of Thyme, and your teacher here at Food Blogger Business School.

I started my blog in 2015 as a creative outlet from my intense career and have spent years of trial and error to master what it takes to make a food blog grow — and I have implemented those learned strategies to grow consistently into a 7-figure business that reaches millions of people every month.

Now, I’ve turned my experience over the last 6 years into an easy-to-follow program that you can use to unlock your potential and live your dream life as a full-time food blogger, earning more traffic and revenue to your blog in less time.


Find the course, guide, or template that you need to help take your food blog to the next level today!

Food Blogger Business School

Our signature course containing next-level growth strategies that will help you increase your traffic, secure profitable partnerships, and transform your blog into a thriving full-time food blog business.   


Food Blogger Growth Pack

Optimize your blog with our "Food Blog Optimization Checklist" and "Blog Post Optimization Guide" and track your growth with our custom planning worksheets.


Food Photography Lightroom Presets

Take your food photography editing to the next level with just the click of a button using our 7 custom lightroom presets made specifically for food photos.



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